7 Fun indoor activities you can try with your kids this Christmas (Pandemic Edition)

Christmas is just 2 days away! While the pandemic is still rearing its ugly head, celebrating Christmas at home during the pandemic should not be any less fun. There are many fun Christmas activities that you can still do with your little ones during a pandemic. Here are some ideas!

7 ways to have fun at home during Christmas

Bedtime Christmas stories

Most Christmas stories for children discuss themes about unwavering kindness and childish dreams. They provide a little bit of escapism from the harsh reality that is the pandemic. So, take the time to snuggle with your child under a fuzzy blanket and read to them Christmas stories. Your soothing voice and the warm festive atmosphere would put them in the Christmas mood and bring out the Christmas magic. Let their imagination run wild over the mystical and wonderful holiday that is Christmas and give them hope that things in the future would eventually become better!

Christmas cookies

No Christmas is complete without Christmas cookies and sweets! There is something magical about the smell of freshly baked cookies and a sip of hot chocolate milk. If your little ones love indulging themselves with chocolate chip cookies, involve them in the baking process for some quality family bonding time! There is nothing more satisfying for kids than to eat their own masterpiece. In addition to being a fun activity for both parties, it also allows the kids to strengthen their hands and finger muscles with all the dough rolling and kneading!

Watch Christmas movies together

Bring out the ice creams and the kids’ favourite snacks, and gather together in front of the TV. During this festive month of December, enjoy the wonderful Christmas movies on Netflix. It is a great way to bond with your kids and unwind with your loved ones. Besides, there is nothing that fills you up with more nostalgia than watching the good old Christmas movies you watched growing up.

Putting up Christmas decorations

Decorating the house for Christmas is a chore, along with setting up the Christmas tree and moving around the furniture to accommodate for it. However, that is not the case when you do it with your child. It is actually a fun activity! Get them to help decorate the Christmas tree and watch their eyes glimmer over the colourful baubles and the ornaments hung on the tree. It is a wonderful time to bring out the Christmas-themed throw pillows and fairy-lights that add to the Christmas atmosphere and mood.

Virtual hangouts

The pandemic has seized all forms of physical meetups with distant relatives and friends. But with the help of technology and virtual meeting platforms, we can host virtual hangouts between close friends and family without compromising safety. Organise fun and exciting activities such as online charades or even escape rooms to further enhance the experience and make the session even more enjoyable for everyone. Other activities can include singing Christmas carols or opening presents. Just because we are apart, it does not mean we cannot be together! After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Christmas arts and craft

Christmas gifts do not always have to be fancy presents like the latest Lego set or an iPad, it could be something as simple as a handmade greetings card or painting. Unleash your child’s creativity by creating something original for fun! Reuse household items such as empty glass jars and shoeboxes to transform them into practical items that provide utility. As parents, we sometimes rely too much on devices for our children’s entertainment. Remember, too much screen time can have negative consequences on young children. Therefore, making arts and crafts is the perfect solution, especially if you want to reduce your child’s screen time and stimulate their creativity.

Write letters

A heartfelt handwritten letter is different from its digital counterpart. It often feels personal and has a heavy sense of sincerity laced behind the words. For this year, get your child to write a letter to people they are grateful for. Encourage them to write to their grandparents or relatives who live far away, instead of dropping a quickly composed email or text message. There is much to complain and grieve about in 2020, but there is also so much to be grateful for.

Christmas this year is a little bit different than the last. Although there are plenty of activities that we cannot do, let’s focus on the ones that we can. After all, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate Christmas because Christmas is about spending time with the people you love and cherish!

What do you think of our at-home Christmas activity ideas? If you have more fun ideas, do share them with us by commenting below! We’d love to hear your thoughts.





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