Conceiving Naturally or Not

Both my wife and I are turning forty this year. We had already decided to start planning for kids two years ago.

A couple months back, we decided to ask for professional advice. During our first visit with the gynae, she asked about our age. Once she heard the big four, she said ‘Let’s waste no time’. She started to explain the procedure on IUI (Intrauterine insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). She recommended us to proceed with IUI.

With my professional hazard, I suggested HSG (hysterosalpingogram) and scans to make sure there are no blockages or growth that may block the ‘highway’ to reproduction. On my part, I also needed to check on my sperm count and prepare myself for the fertilization procedure.

After two procedures of IUI, we were not successful. The gynae suggested to go for IVF. However, I told her that we may want to take things easy. We would like to prepare ourselves mentally besides the physical readiness. I heard many stories and advices from my clients regarding the experience on child planning. They told me almost from A to Z. From naturally conceiving to many years of trying to procedures like IUI & IVF. One common factor I picked from those couples during the late thirties was STRESS!

In Singapore, STRESS is one common topic in our day to day lives. Stress from work, stress from not earning enough, stress from children’s education performance and now stress from planning for children! Before the latter, stress from children’s education. Isn’t this ironic?

Another interesting common thing I heard from my clients and friends is, quit your job! Guess what! They think that shortly after they left their jobs, they can conceive either naturally or via IUI or IVF.

What’s next for us? We are going to take things easy. No more immunisation jabs! No more gynae appointments! We will take all advices such as planning for longer holidays, to places with no internet, no cell network and no stress from work. Consult an open advice from a TCM. Adjust back the Yin and the Yang. Time my wife’s ovulation period. Take Korean ginseng and wear boxers shorts for men. Plus one more new thing, pre-seed lubrication! We will also faithfully believe for Miracles from our Lord! It does not matter if its natural or not. Just Stay Calm and Make babies. 

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