Congenital Illnesses Cause Delay In Getting Insurance For Baby

Congenital Illnesses Can Go Undetected During Pregnancy And Cause Delay In Getting Insurance Later

I met Mrs Lim (not her real name) when she was expecting her 2nd child, and it’s a boy! I shared with her husband and her on the possible prenatal protection product offerings. They were interested to take up Mum’s Advantage plus for her 2nd child. Unfortunately, her application was rejected due to her first pregnancy complications. Having said that, her first girl was delivered smoothly and her health is as good as a normal 4 years old then. So we would have to wait till the baby arrives then planning is possible.

Regular check-ups and scans went well and the day has arrived. Her baby boy was delivered smoothly. With the least possible expectation, her baby boy was born with bilateral microtia. This congenital illness would not and could not be picked up by ultrasound scans at the regular checks. Today he is 2 years old, he has to wear a hearing aid kit, and attends Auditory-verbal therapy and regular check ups. Insurance companies postponed his applications till age 6. The worry of not able to get a life insurance policy and health insurance continues in the family.






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