8 Things to Do Before Your Second (or Subsequent) Baby is Born

1) Do Something Special with Your First Child/Older Kids

Do something extra fun one last time before things are going to change a lot. Like going to the zoo or waterpark or anything they really enjoy. Give them the time and attention that they need before things change. And also, do it while you are still able to (with your energy depleting day by day). The next time you have the time and energy to go out and have fun again may probably be 5 to 6 months later (or even longer).

2) Engage Your First Child/Older Kids

This could include reading a special book about becoming a big sibling. If your first child/older kids are big enough to understand, bonding time with the “tummy” could also be very beneficial. Telling them that a baby is coming and they are becoming big sibling will better prepare them when the baby arrives.

3) Shop for a “You’re a Big Bro/Big Sis Gift”

We all understand what is jealousy and how it may potentially affect a relationship. Everyone likes to receive a gift, use that same strategy with your kids. After all, it’s hard not to appreciate a newcomer who arrives bearing gifts. Pick up something big-kid worthy or something they really, really like (and we refuse to get it for whatever reason) that’ll be ready and waiting for your eldest when the baby comes home. Even if the children is older and knows the baby didn’t actually buy them a new gift, they will still be excited to have something to play with that’s just for them.

4) Get the Big-Kid-Bed

If your firstborn is old enough (usually around 3 years old) and you need that crib, start making big-kid-bed plans. Start the process several months before the baby arrives and expect some bumps along the way. Build up getting the big bed as an exciting adventure and pick out the new sheets together. If your little guy or girl really, really wants the character-laden sheets (Elmo? Dora? Princesses?), just go for it!

5) Sterilize Pacifiers and Bottles

Usually first time parents tend to overstock on pacifiers and bottles, if there is also true for you then it is time to take out the unused or used (if you wish to reuse the old ones) items. Just boil them in water or simply sterilize using the steam sterilizer and let them air dry and you are done! Easy peasy, and you don’t have to buy more! (We gotta save that extra money for other stuffs)

6) Wash Things That Have Been in Storage for a Long Time

Depending on the age gap, there may be things that have been kept in the storage for a long time like the infant car seat, jumper, bouncer, bassinet, play mat. If you are expecting the same gender, then time to dig out all the newborn – 6 months clothing. If you are expecting other gender, there may be gender neutral. White bodysuits, gender neutral coloured bodysuits, a few bibs and burp rags, some blankets. You want to make sure that everything is clean and fresh for your new little one!

7) Book a Plane Ticket Now

It’s fair to say that flying pre-kids is an infinitely superior experience than doing it post-kids. It’s equally fair to say that it’s easier to do it with one kid than with two or three. Take advantage of this small sliver of time when it’s cheaper (and less of a hassle) for your whole family to travel. Plus, you cannot beat special family-of-three memories. Soon enough, the idea of bringing a multi-nap-taking baby to a ride-and-cotton-candy-filled extravaganza will send shivers down your spine. While you’re on your super-special family trip, present your kiddo with a simple wooden treasure box. Help him decorate it with paint and stickers, then make it your family mission to discover special knick-knacks that’ll fill that box. You’re not only creating wonderful keepsakes for your child, you’re also putting together memories and a tangible way for him to relive the time again and again—and eventually tell his little sibling about it one day.

8) Check Your Insurance

Just because you had coverage or know what benefits you had with your first child, doesn’t mean things are the same with your second baby. It is a good idea to make sure you know what will be covered and what you may end up paying for. Preparation is always key!

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