Where to go for Family-Friendly Weekends  

For a small island city, Singapore certainly has no lack of restaurants. But for families with young ones, weekend brunches can be a harrowing affair if the selected venue turns out to be unsuitable.
When it comes to choosing dining venues, parents are just as much in need of a good time as are their children. Depending on what you are in the mood for, the following family-friendly eateries should serve to keep everyone happy!

For when you’re in the mood for a super social, buzzy weekend

If you’re up for a good crowd and an almost festive atmosphere, head to La Barca Ristorante at Goodman Arts Centre or Timbre @ Gillman. There are tons of activities lined up for kids, so parents can sit back and soak in the weekend buzz. No need to worry too much about keeping the children entertained.
Timbre’s aptly named Super Social BBQ takes place from 4pm onwards on weekends. It features a bouncy castle, craft stations and even a wading pool for toddlers spread across the spacious compound. At La Barca, the highlights are probably the trampoline, kiddie vehicles and indoor playroom thoughtfully stocked with DVD movies. Regardless of where you eventually end up, it won’t be a boring weekend that’s for sure!

This is the play area at Timbre @ Gillman for kids. On weekends, you will find a bouncy castle, craft stations and even a wading pool for toddlers.

For when you need a dose of nature

A rustic haven amidst the lush greenery at Hort Park, Vineyard is a French-Italian bistro that offers the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. Parents can happily relax over a glass of wine and the delectable menu. Kids are kept busy with a series of fun activities like balloon sculpting and even an archery zone!
If you prefer somewhere closer to town, try Tree Lizard Restaurant and Bar. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Dempsey Hill and surrounded by nature, it almost feels like you’re on holiday. With a large field, a 3-tier playground and a sand pit, it probably feels like one for the kids too!
Kids’ play area at Vineyard @ HortPark.

For when you have a multi-family gathering

When multiple families with kids come together, dining becomes an entirely communal and somewhat chaotic affair. The secret to making sure that everyone gets their fill of food and fun is: pizza.
ALT Pizza at Robertson Quay is marked by a colourful interior and an even more colourful menu with 650,000 unique pizza combinations and D.I.Y options! Together with the kids, you can put your culinary creativity to the test. If you feel like splurging, Trapizza at Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa is another option. Plenty of space for play, beachfront view and delicious wood-fired pizzas. Enough said.

Kids’ play area at ALT Pizza @ Robertson Quay.

For when you just want to chill and watch the world go by

Sometimes, we all need a little down time over the weekend to just chill and watch the world go by. Wharf Grill & Bar’s laidback vibes make it an ideal spot to do just that. If the kids get restless, they can stretch their legs safely at the open space in front of the restaurant without fear of oncoming traffic.
In an urban city like Singapore, weekends by the beach is a welcome escape from the confines of densely populated neighbourhoods. Coastes is well-loved not just for its hearty fare of burgers, pastas and grilled seafood but also its idyllic location along Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. Children get to enjoy the amenities alongside a wide expanse of sand and beach while adults get a breather as the sun sets on a perfect weekend.

The open space just in front of Wharf Grill & Bar, where restless kids can play.





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