Fostering a Wholesome Relationship With Your Child – Part 1

Everyone aspires to raise healthy, contented, and well-behaved children while being a good parent. Albeit seemingly improbable, don’t we all dream to live in a home where the need for thorough discipline becomes redundant? It isn’t unattainable. Building a wholesome relationship with your child is not as difficult as it sounds.

The key is to establish a stronger connection with your child.
While it is important to reassure our children often that we love them, it isn’t enough. A child understands your love for him through your actions, beyond anything else. And yes, it might probably sound too vague to fathom.

So, what do you actually have to do?

In the first part of this article, we will look at laying the foundation for a wholesome relationship with your child.

Laying the Foundation for a Wholesome Relationship

In order to cultivate a strong bond with your child throughout their lives, it is crucial for a parent to start from the onset of the child’s birth. As much as we are aware that raising a child is no easy feat, we should also grasp that the responsibility should not be outsourced, as far as building a good foundation is concerned. For example, fathers can take more time off from work to come home early and spend time with their newborns or toddlers, even if it’s for some play time, or to read a book together.

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Parents always want to give their child a better life than the one they had, and needless to say, their fulfillment is often measured by the sacrifices they make in order to build a strong foundation with their child.

Making Your Wholesome Relationship a Priority

Setting your priorities right in any relationship is key to building a great bond with your significant other. The more you invest in spending time with your child, the greater the outcome because there is no power button for togetherness.

Children’s behaviours often mirror those of the people they spend large amounts of time with. If you aren’t the one they are spending most of their time with and learning good behaviour, morals and habits from, then who is? And who’s to blame for all the bad behaviours that they start to pick up?

Spending quality time with your children also enables you to properly identify their strengths and work on their shortcomings. This moulds them into strong individuals as they grow older, and makes it easier for them to harness their full potential.

Should you ever find yourself compromising on your quality time with your child, take a step back and start thinking about the time when you were growing up. Would it have made a difference in your life if you parents had done something differently? The short answer is, yes. Countless incidents take place throughout your child’s life and they will want to talk to you about it because you are their pillar of strength and comfort. The lesser the presence you have in critical moments in their lives, the lower their comfort level when it comes to sharing them with you.

You can’t expect to have a perfect and healthy relationship with your child if you spend all of your time at work and he or she spends all their time with friends, grandparents or your helper. As tough as it can get juggling work pressure and family life, you have to make necessary sacrifices if you want a better relationship with your child, start laying the foundation for a wholesome relationship and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your child’s attitude and demeanour will start to transform. We all want to make connections after all, don’t we?

If you think these points were useful, wait till we’re back with Part II!



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