Free Huggies Campaign –

Looking forward to your first meeting?


We look forward to meeting you too. 


We’re really excited about our new program for expecting mothers and their babies. We are on a mission to educate you about protecting yourself and your child from all the unexpected curve balls life can throw at you.

Which is why we’re showing up at your doorstep bearing gifts!

  • Learn about pregnancy complications
  • Learn about the latest schemes and grants that can benfit you
  • Receive a pack of Huggies Platinum Newborn diapers (30 Pack)

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Your Authorisation

You confirm that the information you have provided is your personal data. By providing this information, You understand that an authorised financial planner assigned by Ken Wee Organisation a unit representing AXA Insurance Pte. Ltd and  representative from Half Half Parenting may follow up via phone and/or email.

All promotions are subject to eligibility and availability. We reserve the right to refuse/reject based on our sole discretion.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The purpose of this Halfhalfparenting campaign is to educate pregnant women delivering in Singapore on how you can better protect yourself and your child from all the unexpected complications during your pregnancy. The Gifts  are subject to terms and conditions spelled out below.
  2. The gifts can only be hand delivered to pregnant women in person upon signing our acknowledgement form. In the case where your baby is born, the redemption of diapers must take place before 3 months old of the baby. The acknowledgement form will be used only for record keeping purposes.
  3. Every family is entitled to one pack of diapers only.
  4. This form is not a contract of insurance.
  5. We reserve the right to change the gifts without prior notice.

Eligibility criteria for The Huggies Platinum NB30 diapers:
– Citizen or
– Singaporean PR or
– foreigners who hold a valid pass in Singapore who have stayed in Singapore for at least 2 years.
– For pregnant women delivering in Singapore.