Fun Activities that Pregnant Mums Should Pursue

Even though there seems to be an endless list of don’ts that mothers and mother-in-laws like to impose, pregnant mums can still afford to have fun. The following are some activities that pregnant mums can do to inject some fun. With engaging and uplifting activities to occupy your time, you’ll find your pregnancy pass in a flash.


Swimming is one exercise that even obstetricians encourage. It is the one activity that allows you to move about rather effortlessly while you actually exercise. By the time you enter your second trimester, you’ll probably feel comfortable enough to include swimming into your exercise regime.

Go on a babymoon

Once again, this is something endorsed by most obstetricians. Come the second trimester, many couples like to pack their bags for a short trip. For many mums- and dads-to-be, this would be their last shot at a fuss-free, kids-free holiday for several years at least. So make the best of this time. Think a relaxing trip to a resort in one of the neighbouring countries.

Go on a shopping spree

Being pregnant gives you the right to spend, even if it’s mostly for your baby. While you should really focus on shopping for needs, your spouse will certainly not say “no” to wants just to satisfy your retail desires.

Visit the spa

These days, spas offer packages for pregnant mums too. Be it a pre-natal facial or full-body massage, a little pampering is therapy for the body, mind and soul. Having said that, avoid treatments like wraps or saunas as the rise in body temperature can be too much for some mums to take. Also consider having a couple massage to give your husband and you an indulging treat.

Capture your pregnancy with studio photography

Take professional studio photos of you with your baby bump. Make it a fun affair by engaging your husband and even extended family if your budget allows. They make for excellent keepsake that you will cherish and hand over to your child someday. What can be more meaningful than that!

Henna your belly

This trend is certainly catching on. Many pregnant mums are having fun with their full pre-labour belly by having henna artists decorate on it. A form of traditional Indian art, henna is usually a safe art form even for pregnant mums. But do check with your obstetrician before getting one. Also ensure that the henna artist uses a mix that is safe for pregnant mums.

Walk down memory lane

Being pregnant can make one especially sentiment. It could be something to do with entering an entirely new chapter in life that makes one look back at the past. Instead of shelving these emotions, take a walk down memory lane by visiting the schools you attended or the old neighbourhood you grew up in. Tag your husband along and share special memories with him.

Late-night coffee with girlfriends

Remember celebrating your impending wedding by having a hen night with your girlfriends? This time around, celebrate your mother-to-be status by gathering close girlfriends for a late-night coffee. Unlike a baby shower, this would be an intimate gathering with close friends who know you best. After your baby is born, you may not have the will nor desire to sneak out for late-night coffee. Not in the first few months at least!

Guess your baby’s birth date

Have a little bet with family and friends by making them predict your baby’s birth date. Prepare a present for the person who guesses it right,. This adds to the anticipation of your newborn’s arrival.

Pregnant mothers have a lot to look forward to. The last thing you’ll want on your mind is worries that you might not have done enough for your baby. For peace of mind, speak with a professional to find out more about suitable products.


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