7 things you should NEVER do on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day, a special day dedicated to all Mothers is coming soon. It falls on the second Sunday of May every year without fail. This year, it will be on 13th May 2018.

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

One of the best things God has ever created is Mothers. They are always there for us. Readily coddling, feeding, bringing us everywhere they go, being our personal nurses, soothing us when we are afraid, singing lullabies or reading bedtime stories and many more. It is not easy being a mother. She is a multi-tasking queen and a real-life superwoman. Nobody can replace a mother. Mother’s Day is important and we got to be serious about it. There many are dos and don’ts for Mother’s Day. In this article, we are going to look at some of the don’ts of Mother’s day.

The Don’ts

1) Harp about how its a Retail Holiday

Mother’s Day was never really a retail holiday in the beginning. It started becoming as such as people wanted to make their mothers happy by buying them things. Retailers found a way to monetize on Mother’s Day by promoting and encouraging people to buy flowers, cakes and gifts.

However, is this what really Mother’s day is all about? Is this what mothers want? You do not have to keep harping about how expensive it is to celebrate Mother’s day. No mother asked you to celebrate it and burn a hole in your wallet.

2) Keep the House Messy

A messy house is a big No. Mothers do not want to wake up in the morning of Mother’s Day and do chores. She would want to rest and chill out. She already does it every day. It’s exhausting. Give her a break and not complaint.

3) Believe Mothers are a Lean Mean Cooking Machine

We have to remember people, mothers are not a lean mean cooking machine. Cooking for a family is not an easy task. The last thing she needs is to wake up early in the morning, go to the market, lug everything back and prepare to cook for everyone. Especially, if there are picky and choosy eaters in the family. Cut her some slack.

4) Get her Cheesy Gifts

It is nice to shower mothers with gifts. They appreciate if it is given with love. Now then, please, do not gift her with gifts like spatulas, frying pan, vacuum cleaner, toilet brush etc. Those can be bought on normal days. You don’t have to remind her to cook or clean. Don’t even think about getting her something related to dieting or indicate that she is getting old like an anti-wrinkle cream.

5) “Say you are not my Mother!” Targeting the Husbands

There are husbands out there guilty of saying this phrase “Why must celebrate? You are not my mother.” to their wives especially. You might have young kids at home. She is their mother. Yes, when they grow up, they should be celebrating Mother’s Day with her. To these husbands, open your eyes and see the fact that your wife is a second mother to you also. She does everything your mother has done for you and more. Do not insult her like that.

6)  Siblings fighting with each other

If there are kids in the family, the last thing a mother needs is to manage the constant bickering. It is very annoying when kids pick a fight with each other for the smallest things. Especially when everybody is going out for a nice meal. Playing referee is something she does every day. Don’t ruin her peace on that day also.

7) Do Last Minute Planning

Many people make this mistake of planning things at the last minute. We should remember, it is going to be crowded everywhere especially the restaurants on the day itself. Without proper planning, you might end up waiting longer to get a place or not get a place at all in the restaurant. It is going to be hectic and troublesome to your mother to go through such an ordeal when she is suppose to be enjoying her special day.

Stay tuned to for the next article which is about the things you CAN DO for your mother for Mother’s Day.

Ps: This article is not to hurt anybody’s feelings. The opinions on this piece are sourced and compiled after talking to 100s of real moms.





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