How Hormones Wreck Havoc After Pregnancy and Ways to Restore Balance

Severe mood swings and persistent fatigue are not uncommon after pregnancy. Just when you thought you finally have your body back, you learn that your body is still adjusting from pregnancy and delivery. But fret not, there are ways to restore hormonal balance so that your hormones can stop waging a war with your body. To begin to learn how we can restore hormonal balance, we need to learn a thing or two about hormones.

Hormonal changes during and after pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her placenta produces high levels of progesterone. This surge in progesterone can cause fatigue, irritability and weight gain, among other symptoms. After pregnancy, her placenta is removed from her body and she then experiences a drop in progesterone level. This can trigger mood swings and oftentimes, depression.

Ways to restore hormonal balance


Exercising is one of the best ways to regulate your body. Since you have just delivered, give intensive exercises like running a miss. Instead, opt for light exercises like walking or some simple stretching. As your body is undergoing major post-delivery adjustments, go easy on your body and only pick up on your momentum after a few weeks. The focus should not be less about getting back in shape, but more on getting your body accustomed to your pre-natal routine. If you had a cesarean or stitches during delivery, consult a medical professional for suitable exercises.

Supplement intake

Many known supplements help regulate hormones. Evening primrose oil is one such supplement that has such an effect on women. If hormonal imbalance is a concern that you have, speak with your obstetrician/gynaecologist to learn how supplements can help you cope better.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the concept of establishing Yin and Yang equilibrium to bring balance to the body. In TCM, treatments to bring about balance can be achieved through acupuncture or specially prescribed herbal concoctions based on a body’s constitution. Sometimes, a combination of both is required to obtain the desired balance.

Reduce caffeine intake

If you have been cutting back on coffee during pregnancy, it probably pays to keep it that way for a little longer. Since caffeine destabilises hormone levels, it is better to steer clear from that cuppa.

Get enough sleep

Inadequate sleep has a debilitating effect on anyone. If your body is already at the tenterhooks, do yourself a favour by getting as much night-time sleep as possible. That is the time your body regulates and repairs itself.





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