8 Great Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Involved During Your Pregnancy

Getting your husband involved in your pregnancy is a good start towards him becoming a supportive partner when your baby comes along. It is also a way for him to connect with the new family addition.

While some couples experience a strain in the relationship during pregnancy, others bond like a house on fire as they share their dreams and fears on becoming parents. As first-time parents in particular, these are great tips to get your husband involved in this milestone chapter:

1. Break the news as a couple

Women are often guilty of not being able to contain their pregnancy bliss. But instead of sharing the pregnancy on impulse to the next person you meet, discuss how and when to share this news with your husband. This could be at a family gathering after the first trimester or even a random Sunday afternoon through a Facebook post.

2. Plan your obstetrician’s appointments together

Hearing the heartbeat and seeing ultrasound images on the sonogram are little things that go a long way in letting your husband feel connected to your pregnancy and most importantly the baby. As much as possible, schedule your appointments to suit his availability too.

3. Attend a class as a couple

Choose a prenatal class that you and your husband can attend together if the both of you are first-time parents. Not only do these classes help new parents better prepare themselves and gear up for labour, they make for great couple bonding time too.

4. Throw a baby shower

A baby shower is a great way for family and friends to shower blessings and gifts on you and your husband before parenting duties officially kick in. Since most of the attention will gravitate towards you, prepare a little surprise for your husband to make him feel special that day. This surprise could be his favourite movie DVD or even a Daddy diaper bag!

5. Shop for baby peripherals together

If you are a first-time mother, it can be tempting to shop for baby peripherals with experienced mothers. But save these big and even small purchases with your husband to let him know that you value his opinions. Seek advice from family and friends, but go shopping as a couple and deliberate over your baby’s needs together.

6. Decorate the nursery together

Many young families do not have the luxury of dedicating a big nursery for their newborn. But that should not take away the joy and excitement of decorating a cozy nursery for your little one to grow up in. Browse nursery décor ideas and decide on colour themes and style as a couple.

7. Take studio photo shots

Capture your pregnancy with studio photography that you and your husband can look back on and share with your child some day. Most men may not feel comfortable in front of the camera, but it is no doubt a great way for couples to bond.

8. Keep a pregnancy journal

Start a blog or create a handcrafted scrape book to capture pregnancy moments. Consider writing letters as parents to be shared with your child at significant milestones.


Make the most of your pregnancy. As you and your husband prepare to become parents, nurture the relationship by keeping each other as involved as possible.

Consult a professional to find out how you and husband can plan for your newborn together.

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