The Husband’s Role in Breastfeeding

Did you know that the success of breastfeeding is affected by the husband’s attitude towards it? Some men mistakenly believe that breastfeeding is solely between the mother and child. They tend to feel excluded from the intimacy. In this article, we discuss how the husband can play a supportive role in breastfeeding.

Set a positive and supportive tone

The support of the father helps the breastfeeding relationship tremendously, especially for a new mother. He makes the perfect facilitator to ensure the success of breastfeeding. The father can head off discouragement, deflect negative comments from the others. Breastfeeding can be physically and emotionally draining, and uncomfortable at times. For practical reasons, breastfed babies and their mothers are almost inseparable. If a father views the baby’s continual presence as intrusive, then it is hard for the mother to continue nursing. On the other hand, if he accepts that their baby is attached to his wife 24/7, he is giving breastfeeding a strong endorsement.

Help out by doing practical things

He can also help to calm a fussy baby. Do simple things like bringing the new mother food and drinks while she is breastfeeding. It is important to get into a comfortable position while the mother is nursing the baby. The father can provide comfort by bringing her pillows and helping her get into a comfortable position. If the father takes on his wife’s chores, it will give her more time to rest as her body works hard to produce milk for the baby.

Bond with the baby

Even though a breastfed baby can be very attached to the mother, he/she can still enjoy a loving relationship with the father. A good way for the father and baby to bond is to let the little one sleep on daddy’s chest. Rocking the baby on the father’s shoulder is also a favourite activity. Many fathers also find it very rewarding to show the new big world to their offsprings.

Be patient

It is normal for the mother to feel all “touched out” from nursing her baby. Women who are breastfeeding have lower amounts of oestrogen, which may lead to less vaginal lubrication. This can cause pain and discomfort during intercourse. An understanding husband will make sure that his wife has a good water-based lubricant for when she is in the mood.
The father is the best cheerleader for his wife. With his assurance and reminder that breastfeeding is one of the best things that she can give their baby, the little one is off to a good start in life!






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