Inexpensive Everyday-things that Kids Can Play With

Nowadays most kids are blessed with plenty of toys, especially on their birthdays and special occasions. Still, many of them get bored of them soon enough. Before you run out to buy more toys, here is a list of things around us which can be used to entertain the little ones. And the best part is, they are easily available without breaking the bank.

1. Bubble Wrap

The next time you buy something fragile, do not throw away the bubble wraps that come with the packaging. Let your kids pop the bubbles and watch them squeal in delight! You will be surprised by how creative they get, trying to pop as many as they can.

2. Your Old Clothing

In case you have put away old clothing ready to be donated to charity, you might want to keep a few pieces. Let the kids play fashion show or dress up as their favourite characters.

3. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are good to use as bowling pins. Fill them up with some water so that they don’t topple so easily. Children can also have a race to see who can roll the bottles furthest!

4. Paper Cups

If you have leftover paper cups from parties, save them. They can be used as a stacking game. You can also put some plastic toys in them, tape the mouths of two paper cups together, and viola ~ you get a maraca! The kids can start making music and then have a marching band parade.

5. Dried Beans

Dried beans are inexpensive and if you put them in a big plastic container, you will have a sensory box for your young ones already! A sensory box is simply a container filled with tactile materials for kids to explore. Start out with a filler like rice or dried beans, and add cups and scoopers. Then start experimenting from there! Little dump trucks which working parts for moving and dumping beans are sure keep the little one entertained for hours. Adult supervision is needed if your kids have the habit of putting small objects in their mouths.

6. Flag Erasers

These erasers have been around for at least 3 decades. They have proven that they are timeless and still fun in this day and age! A box consisting of 48 erasers is selling at S$4.50 only at Redmart. Kids can learn about the different countries and their flags. The best part is, they can line the pieces up and play domino!





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