Insurance that covers Club foot!

Introduction to Prenatal Insurance

Mdm C was introduced to me by one of my clients. She was expecting her first baby then. Mdm C heard about the benefits of the prenatal protection policies and she wanted to get her baby covered as early as possible. She took up the relevant insurance together with a whole life critical illness policy with limited payment terms once she turned 16 weeks.

Baby born with Club Foot

Her pregnancy went well and her baby boy was delivered safely and smoothly.
To her surprise, her baby was born with club foot. “Club Foot” is a congenital abnormality of the lower extremity which consists of plantar flexion, inversion of the heel hind foot and forefoot and adduction of the forefoot. This condition would not and could not be detected by ultrasound scans. This condition maybe caused by the baby’s position in the womb, it has been breech presentation since 20 weeks. Breech presentation means buttocks and/or feet first. This is not normal and it’s more serious than the baby’s head being up instead of down.

Relieve with with planning early

Close follow up and physiotherapy sessions are required to improve the baby’s feet position and recovery. The parents were sad. However, they felt relieved that they made a right decision to cover the baby for such unforeseen conditions. With the prenatal insurance, she received a lump sum benefit for the congenital condition, and she has the right to purchase a life insurance policy for her baby boy’s congenital condition, without no medical underwriting required, which no other insurance companies would accept her boy’s application.

Today, she is happy that she made that decision. She only has to concentrate to attend to her boy’s recovery and not to worry about whether her boy is eligible for life insurance.

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