A Labour Day Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

1st May 2018 is already upon us. What is so special on this day? Well, it is Labour Day or May Day as we all fondly know in Singapore. A day dedicated to all those labourers who work hard.

Among these labourers, there are also women, mothers especially. Apart from that, we should not forget women who stay at home to run their families. Yes, there is Mother’s Day. But for Labour Day, let’s recognise what mothers do.

A Mother’s Job

Be it a stay home mother or a working mother, from the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she goes to bed, she is always working. Stay home mothers with babies are constantly feeding, cleaning, diaper changing, marketing, cooking and more. Once the babies start going to school, the mothers’ workload adds on with sending the kids to school to becoming their tutors and more. For working mothers, they are constantly managing the household, going to work and managing the workplace. They also cope with working mom’s guilt from time to time. It is just never-ending.

Mothers do not really get holidays.Waking up late is a luxury when you are a mother. Furthermore, during holidays, mothers are constantly doing things around the house. Making sure that everybody’s tummies are filled. Just when she thinks of resting, something comes up and she is on the go. It’s the same even on Mother’s Day.

Even when a mother falls sick, she is out of bed and takes care of everyone else first. Her priority is always others before herself. She is built to keep on going. Even when she reaches her limit, she still wants what is best for her family.

The Anchor in the Family

A mother can never be replaced by anyone. She is the person who keeps a family together, like an anchor to a ship. Therefore, we must make sure to take care of her. It is important to remember to value our mothers not only on Mother’s Day but every other day.

With this, We would like to wish all Mothers everywhere a very Happy Labour Day!





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