True Stories – Prenatal protection policy could have helped this father.

Congenital Heart Murmur in Baby

The answer was clear to one of my friends, Mr S (not his real name) after his baby boy was born 2 years ago. His baby boy was delivered safely. However, he has a congenital heart murmur condition. With fear of the rising and hefty hospitalisation and surgery expenses in unforeseen events, the father of his boy looked for Integrated Shield Plans (IP) providers to get him covered. Unfortunately, no IP providers could accept the application due to his baby’s congenital illness, heart murmur. The IP providers postponed the application till his baby boy turns 6.

Getting possible protection solutions

I met the father of the baby boy when he was 1. Mr S asked me for possible protection solutions for his baby congenital illness. I recommended him the relevant plan that is a guaranteed issuance health insurance that does not need medical underwriting. However, pre-existing conditions and congenital illnesses are excluded. Mr S understood that this this plan is the only health insurance that may cover the possible medical expenses in events of illnesses not related his baby’s congenital illness. He took up the plan with no hesitation.

Good News for Mr S

When the boy turned 2, good news followed! The hole in his heart has closed up. ECG report results are good. With the experience and knowledge on the benefits of insurance, Mr S wanted to look into an early head start life insurance for his boy. I submitted an application for his boy. As we would have expected, the application for life insurance was postponed till he turns Age 3. This builds up the fear of the possibility for his boy not able to buy life insurance.

Deep in Mr S heart, how he wished that he took up the prenatal protection plan then, he would not have to worry about not being able to start a life insurance early.

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