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  • The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    While the current health crisis and the upcoming recession seem to be of utmost concern, there is another flu-like illness we should be aware of. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported. This figure is about twice as many within the same period a year ago and it is alarming.  Despite […]

  • Postpartum, The Care Your Body Needs

    Your body goes through many changes during the nine months of pregnancy. After the baby is born, your body would revert back to its pre-pregnant state. The aftermath is known as postpartum. Your newborn will require a lot of care. However, as the mother, you need to care for yourself too. If you feel crappy […]

  • Chinese New Year with Your First Child

    If this is your baby’s first CNY, here’s a small guide for you!

  • Diapers, Tips to choosing the right one

    Diapers, Tips to choosing the right one

    Have you stood in the diapers aisle in the supermarket and wonder which type of diaper should you get for your baby? A doubt every parent will face at some point. All sorts of questions will pop into your head. Which brand should I get? What size? Will it leak? Is the expensive one better […]

  • 3 Steps to Take When Sleep-Training Your Baby

    Most babies aren’t accustomed to falling asleep without being held in our arms or sleeping alone the whole night. Your baby may require just a little help from you to achieve that milestone on their own.  Start sleep-training your baby as early on as you are comfortable with it so that they can go to […]

  • Facts about Music to an Unborn Baby

    An unborn baby’s sense of sound is one of the first sensory systems to be developed. This happens at about 17 weeks gestation. As your pregnancy advances, your unborn baby becomes aware of rhythms in music and even begins to respond differently to different types of music. Even though the real effect of music on […]

  • 10 Things Nobody tells about Pregnancy Part 2

    In the previous article, out of ten, we covered five things that nobody tells about pregnancy. Are you ready to know more? 6) Constipation during Pregnancy The increase of progesterone in your body during pregnancy is one of the culprits to causing constipation. This hormone relaxes the muscles which include your intestines, causing your digestion to slow […]

  • The ABCs of DIY Confinement

    In Chinese culture, postpartum “confinement” is a customary practice where new mothers are placed under the care of a “confinement lady”. During the month-long confinement period, new mothers must follow commonly prescribed rules regarding diet and hygiene. As lifestyles evolve, some women choose to take charge of their own confinement. Combining the best of tradition, […]

  • Why You Should Wear Your Baby

    Have you wondered how much parents should carry their babies? And what are the benefits of wearing your baby? It is important to take a balanced approach to baby-wearing. To understand baby-wearing, picture this: carrying your baby most of the time, and put him or her down for longer nap times, nighttime and to attend […]

  • Causes of Food Allergies

    Introducing Solid Foods Too Early Babies have low quantities of slgA, making them more prone to allergic reactions. Hence, it is vital that you introduce food to your baby at age-appropriate times. Giving Your Baby Too Much of a Particular Food Overfeeding your baby a new food over a long period of time may cause […]