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  • What have we learnt from home-based learning?

    Since the hit of COVID-19, most parents were forced to take up the responsibility of facilitating their kids’ learning within the four walls of their homes. However, there is no textbook answer on how parents can efficiently guide their children through this new schooling and learning way. As such, discover the 4 pillars to home-based learning that will help both you and your child establish a productive learning experience.

  • COVID-19 Update: Growing up in a pandemic

    For working parents, the pandemic has shown just how difficult it can be to juggle between work and family. But have you ever stopped and asked your little ones how they are doing amidst the pandemic? The pandemic affects them just as much as it affects you. Read more to find out…

  • The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    While the current health crisis and the upcoming recession seem to be of utmost concern, there is another flu-like illness we should be aware of. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported. This figure is about twice as many within the same period a year ago and it is alarming.  Despite […]

  • Discovering The 5 Love Languages of Children

    Not sure how to love your children better? This may be your answer!

  • Dengue Fever, All that you need to know!

    Did You Know! There are three main types of Mosquito breeds found in Singapore. They are the Aedes Mosquito, Anopheles Mosquito and the Culex Mosquito. Mosquitoes are known to spread vector-borne diseases. However, not all mosquitoes spread dengue. The only culprit is the Aedes Mosquito. Apart from dengue, this bugger is also responsible for the […]

  • Positive Attention: Putting More Time In for fewer Time-Outs

    A positive relationship with your child is crucial for many reasons — especially discipline. A healthy and wholesome relationship with your child will make them strive to do their best as you lead them through life, and a large part of fostering this kind of relationship involves positive attention. A daily dose of positive attention […]

  • Raising Healthy Children in a Digital Age – Part 2

    We can’t run from technology, so we best do what we can to live well with it. Our last installation for this topic listed tips for raising healthy children in a digital age, and we’re back with 5 tips for developing healthy digital habits for your children.  5 tips for developing healthy digital habits 1. […]

  • Helping Your Children Develop Good Judgment

    As grown-ups, many of us are crippled by uncertainty when faced with tough situations or choices. Some of us tend to make self-destructive decisions, repeatedly demonstrating poor judgment. As much as we want to avoid mistakes, no one is born with perfect judgment and the ability to always make smart choices. It takes a combination […]

  • 7 Things You Can Do for Mother’s Day

    In our previous article, we sited 7 things that you should not do for Mother’s Day. Apart from just getting her flowers and cakes, there are more that could be done. Here are 7 things you can do to make your mother a very happy woman for Mother’s Day. The Dos 1) Make Breakfast Making […]

  • The Importance of a Father’s Role in Parenting.

    A few months back we became really curious about fatherhood. We’re pretty sure that many fathers and fathers to be would also like to find out – what makes a good dad. We interviewed various folks from all walks of life and what we found out was amazing. Not only a Breadwinner Any man can […]