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  • Craniosynostosis. Woes of not planning ahead with Insurance

    Most children can recall memories from when they are around 3 years of age. Do you remember when you were 3? The average 3-year-old is curious and loves to ask “Why?” This is a great age for dress-up and a fun activity for a playdate. This is also the time that children may develop close […]

  • Insurance that covers Club foot!

    Introduction to Prenatal Insurance Mdm C was introduced to me by one of my clients. She was expecting her first baby then. Mdm C heard about the benefits of the prenatal protection policies and she wanted to get her baby covered as early as possible. She took up the relevant insurance together with a whole […]

  • Congenital Illnesses Cause Delay In Getting Insurance For Baby

    Congenital Illnesses Can Go Undetected During Pregnancy And Cause Delay In Getting Insurance Later I met Mrs Lim (not her real name) when she was expecting her 2nd child, and it’s a boy! I shared with her husband and her on the possible prenatal protection product offerings. They were interested to take up Mum’s Advantage […]

  • True Stories – Prenatal protection policy could have helped this father.

    Congenital Heart Murmur in Baby The answer was clear to one of my friends, Mr S (not his real name) after his baby boy was born 2 years ago. His baby boy was delivered safely. However, he has a congenital heart murmur condition. With fear of the rising and hefty hospitalisation and surgery expenses in […]

  • Pregnancy Complication- Congenital Heart Disease

    Birth Defects Most birth defects are caused by genetic or environmental factors or a combination of the two (multifactorial birth defects). In most cases, however, the cause is unknown. A birth defect is a health problem or a physical abnormality that a baby has at birth. It can be very mild or severe. Some birth […]

  • Pregnancy Insurance! What does it do?

    How many mothers do you think out there know what pregnancy insurance is all about?Well surprisingly 90% of the mother-to-be do. Pregnancy Insurance Pregnancy Insurance (or some call it the Maternity Insurance or Pre-natal Insurance or Baby Insurance) is becoming the most important insurance or protection for pregnant mummies. This type of plan is relatively […]