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  • Postpartum, The Care Your Body Needs

    Your body goes through many changes during the nine months of pregnancy. After the baby is born, your body would revert back to its pre-pregnant state. The aftermath is known as postpartum. Your newborn will require a lot of care. However, as the mother, you need to care for yourself too. If you feel crappy […]

  • The ABCs of DIY Confinement

    In Chinese culture, postpartum “confinement” is a customary practice where new mothers are placed under the care of a “confinement lady”. During the month-long confinement period, new mothers must follow commonly prescribed rules regarding diet and hygiene. As lifestyles evolve, some women choose to take charge of their own confinement. Combining the best of tradition, […]

  • Making Healthy Meals for Kids

    Sharon Lam is a food blogger, kitchen whisperer and a devoted mother of two beautiful girls, age 5 and 6. She is also the co-founder of Cookit.SG, a cook kit home delivery program based on a grain/gluten-free, sugar-free, legume-free, lactose-free, paleolithic diet. She believes in setting boundaries and spending quality time with her daughters. She […]