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  • What have we learnt from home-based learning?

    Since the hit of COVID-19, most parents were forced to take up the responsibility of facilitating their kids’ learning within the four walls of their homes. However, there is no textbook answer on how parents can efficiently guide their children through this new schooling and learning way. As such, discover the 4 pillars to home-based learning that will help both you and your child establish a productive learning experience.

  • International Women’s Day: Why we need to educate our children on gender equality

    Gender inequality has long persisted, and although society is progressively making favourable changes over the years, the progress towards a world where females are seen as an equal counterpart to male still feels light-years away. One thing we can do today is to start educating our children on this pressing issue if we want a change in our lifetime.

  • 10 Survival Skills You Need to Teach Your Children Now

    A lot of parents in Singapore are wrapped up with academic excellence. They focus on preparing their offspring for school, and they make sure that their kids perform well in their studies. Who can blame them, since the education system here is merit-based. However, it is really up to parents to raise their kids to […]

  • The Art of Raising Creative Children

    Everyone has a different idea of creativity. Some associate it solely with the arts, accessible only by those with innate talent. Others consider creativity to be a much broader concept – an approach to learning, a mental framework, a mindset. A mother of two boys (aged 8 and 10), Bernissa Chia had been a teacher […]

  • What does it really take to home-school your child? (Hint: super powers not required.)

    Not so long ago, the concept of home-schooling in Singapore would be almost unheard of. Today, things have changed. We hear of more people pursuing unconventional life choices, home-schooling is one example. Parents choose home-based education for their children rather than the formal classroom learning.   In this article, we aim to shed some light […]