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  • Why and How Dads Can Help in Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is often thought to be a process between mother and baby. However, many are realising that fathers play an important role in this as well. As a key figure in the family unit, fathers can and should support their spouse in breastfeeding through tangible actions. And this involvement can affect whether a mother chooses […]

  • Insurance that covers Club foot!

    Introduction to Prenatal Insurance Mdm C was introduced to me by one of my clients. She was expecting her first baby then. Mdm C heard about the benefits of the prenatal protection policies and she wanted to get her baby covered as early as possible. She took up the relevant insurance together with a whole […]

  • Preemie mom saved from hefty hospital bill

    Pre-Mature birth Madam O was expecting her 3rd child when we met. She has 2 lovely girls aged 4 and 2 then. And she was expecting a boy. She has not heard of prenatal protection policies. After my presentation, she understood how and the importance of early protection for her baby in her womb. Many […]