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  • Pregnant during Covid-19

    Pregnant during Covid-19

    It has been exactly a week since the circuit breaker was in effect. School children are learning from home while parents have been busier than ever due to the numerous roles they are assuming. One major takeaway from this experience is that many things are out of our control. If you are pregnant during this […]

  • Is Your Little One a Fussy Eater?

    Did you know? There is a difference between being a picky eater and a fussy eater. A picky eater is very selective about what they eat. They would be reluctant to try new foods. Furthermore, if they do not like it, they might end up rejecting certain food groups in the future. The term for […]

  • The Importance of a Father’s Role in Parenting.

    A few months back we became really curious about fatherhood. We’re pretty sure that many fathers and fathers to be would also like to find out – what makes a good dad. We interviewed various folks from all walks of life and what we found out was amazing. Not only a Breadwinner Any man can […]

  • Birth Order and How It Affects a Child’s Personality

      Your children have inherited the same set of genes from yourself and your spouse. So technically, they cannot be too different right? But think again. Other than in the looks department, many psychologists are saying that birth order plays a part in shaping a child’s personality. And this stems a lot from how parenting […]