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  • Pregnant during Covid-19

    Pregnant during Covid-19

    It has been exactly a week since the circuit breaker was in effect. School children are learning from home while parents have been busier than ever due to the numerous roles they are assuming. One major takeaway from this experience is that many things are out of our control. If you are pregnant during this […]

  • The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    While the current health crisis and the upcoming recession seem to be of utmost concern, there is another flu-like illness we should be aware of. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported. This figure is about twice as many within the same period a year ago and it is alarming.  Despite […]

  • Travel with Babies and Infants like a Pro!

    For first-time parents especially, travelling with an infant or toddler in tow can feel like a daunting task. With a little planning and preparation, however, it is not impossible. Part 1: Booking the trip The decisions you make here will go a long way. Depending on the airline’s policy, some may not allow babies below […]