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  • The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    While the current health crisis and the upcoming recession seem to be of utmost concern, there is another flu-like illness we should be aware of. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported. This figure is about twice as many within the same period a year ago and it is alarming.  Despite […]

  • Understanding Insurance Coverage For Expectant Mothers and Newborns

    Bringing a child into this world can be a life-changing experience, especially for first-time parents. Securing adequate insurance protection is one of the best ways to prepare yourself and your family for the arrival of a new baby. Read on for some frequently asked questions that might help you in your planning. MATERNITY INSURANCE If […]

  • Craniosynostosis. Woes of not planning ahead with Insurance

    Most children can recall memories from when they are around 3 years of age. Do you remember when you were 3? The average 3-year-old is curious and loves to ask “Why?” This is a great age for dress-up and a fun activity for a playdate. This is also the time that children may develop close […]

  • Insurance that covers Club foot!

    Introduction to Prenatal Insurance Mdm C was introduced to me by one of my clients. She was expecting her first baby then. Mdm C heard about the benefits of the prenatal protection policies and she wanted to get her baby covered as early as possible. She took up the relevant insurance together with a whole […]

  • Congenital Illnesses Cause Delay In Getting Insurance For Baby

    Congenital Illnesses Can Go Undetected During Pregnancy And Cause Delay In Getting Insurance Later I met Mrs Lim (not her real name) when she was expecting her 2nd child, and it’s a boy! I shared with her husband and her on the possible prenatal protection product offerings. They were interested to take up Mum’s Advantage […]

  • 8 Things to Do Before Your Second (or Subsequent) Baby is Born

    1) Do Something Special with Your First Child/Older Kids Do something extra fun one last time before things are going to change a lot. Like going to the zoo or waterpark or anything they really enjoy. Give them the time and attention that they need before things change. And also, do it while you are […]

  • Early planning proved invaluable when Heart Murmur was discovered

    Planning in Advance made things go smooth I met this couple, Mr & Mrs N 3 years ago when they were expecting their first child. They work in banks and they are well-informed on insurance products and offers via social media. With no further hesitation, they took up the relevant insurance for their first girl. […]

  • Preemie mom saved from hefty hospital bill

    Pre-Mature birth Madam O was expecting her 3rd child when we met. She has 2 lovely girls aged 4 and 2 then. And she was expecting a boy. She has not heard of prenatal protection policies. After my presentation, she understood how and the importance of early protection for her baby in her womb. Many […]

  • True Stories – Prenatal protection policy could have helped this father.

    Congenital Heart Murmur in Baby The answer was clear to one of my friends, Mr S (not his real name) after his baby boy was born 2 years ago. His baby boy was delivered safely. However, he has a congenital heart murmur condition. With fear of the rising and hefty hospitalisation and surgery expenses in […]

  • Five reasons why you will be rejected when buying Pregnancy Insurance

    It is not easy to apply for pregnancy insurance. Out of 10 applications, 5 of which may be rejected due to certain conditions. Here are the 5 most common reasons which some advisers may not inform you. Low lying placenta (known as Placenta Previa) This is almost 1 of the most common condition that we […]