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  • 6 Things You Must Know When Choosing a Pediatrician

    Your newborn requires medical attention every now and then. If you are a first-time parent, your visits to a pediatrician are likely fraught with questions about your baby’s physical growth and well-being. Having a pediatrician who can set your mind at ease is important as he or she provides professional medical insights and advice as […]

  • What is Life With a Newborn and How Can You Cope?

    No one can sufficiently prepare you for parenthood except for parenthood itself. You might have been warned that your life would change. But you do not know what exactly to expect. And obviously, you thought better that you would rise to the occasion. How tough can it be right? But if you are a first-time […]

  • Five reasons why you will be rejected when buying Pregnancy Insurance

    It is not easy to apply for pregnancy insurance. Out of 10 applications, 5 of which may be rejected due to certain conditions. Here are the 5 most common reasons which some advisers may not inform you. Low lying placenta (known as Placenta Previa) This is almost 1 of the most common condition that we […]

  • Tips about Confinement and Handling Newborn Baby

    Congratulations for your newborn! The bond between a mother and child is one of the strongest in existence. It is a kind of love that is never understood until it happens to you. This is one of the most profound moments in your life, and it will change it for the better. If you are […]