halfhalfparenting.com - The timeless value of taking family photos

The timeless value of taking family photos

How many of us have gone through this—spring cleaning our house and going through every nook and cranny, only to get distracted when we come across old family photo albums?

“I remember this day…”, “We were so cute back then! Look at mum and dad!” or “I remember meeting this person, I wonder how they’re doing now?” — Looking through old photos brings back memories, some we may not even remember. But that is the joy of keeping a family photo album, to reminisce.

“Your photos document a story—your story—and what better way to treat a story than to tell them?”

Of course, these days, there are new ways to document memories. We have social media to capture every minuscule detail of our lives—what we ate last night, who we are meeting for lunch today or what kind of dress we tried on this morning but decided not to wear—the approach may be different, but the intention stays the same.

So, why do we do these things? Why do we go out of our way to capture these moments through photos?

Here are four timeless values of taking family photos

Capture special moments

halfhalfparenting.com - The timeless value of taking family photos

What makes up the special moments in your life? The day you gave birth to your child? The day you got married? Your child’s first day of school? Photos capture wonderful moments in our lives. They include our family, friends, neighbours, and even pets, who mean the most to us. They help us cherish the memories and keep experiences in our hearts and minds that we might otherwise overlook.

As a parent, it is only natural that we would want to document every little detail of our child’s growth—their first crawl, their first step, or their first day at school—because we are aware of how easy it is for the human mind to forget things, even on special days. So, the best way to avoid ourselves from forgetting is to document these moments through photos and videos alike.

A trip down memory lane

How does it feel to come across old albums of when you were young? The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true, does it? So, give out that same delightful and warm feeling to your child—when your little one has reached your age and go through their old photos, they will definitely enjoy reminiscing about the good old days!

Did you know that studies have shown that we are more inclined to remember bad memories than good ones? So, to counter this, we look at photos. Since we are more likely to take photos of happy events, these snapshots allow us to keep these happy memories vivid in our minds.

But why not keep the memories fresh in your mind by recreating your favourite moments! Take a new photo at the very place your husband proposed to you or the place where you had your first kiss. Special moments such as this should not be left forgotten, so go ahead and recreate these memories—and get your children involved too!

Preserve memories

In our life, people come and go. Our children may not get the chance to meet their grandparents or their great grandparents, or they may never remember the lovely neighbour who helped take care of them when they were just babies. These are the stories that we can tell them through pictures.

In a way, having a photo album is like leaving behind a legacy for the next generation. We are able to pass down our memories to our families so that all those precious moments bring joy for many generations to come, and our children can also pass down their memories to their own children!

Showcase your photos

halfhalfparenting.com - The timeless value of taking family photos

Create an offline experience in an online world. With so many pictures online, physical photo albums become a truly treasured memento. Yes, it is more convenient to store your photos online instead of getting them printed, but the experience of scrolling through photos with a tap on the screen does not even compare to the feeling of gently turning the beautifully printed and decorated pages in a photo book or album.

You can also frame your beautifully taken family photos and put them as a display in your home for many to see and adore. Your photos document a story—your story—and what better way to treat a story than to tell them?

Taking proper family photos shoot does not necessarily mean you can only take them during special occasions. Go ahead and snap a proper photoshoot during Christmas or Chinese New Year, but do not stop yourself there! Dress up, make yourself look pretty, and take professional shots of yourself and your family anytime you feel like it! Or even better, recreate old photos by giving them a new twist.

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What are your thoughts on taking family photos? Submit your comments and experiences down below!





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