What’s to Know About Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are specially designed to make your breastfeeding experience easier. All nursing bras are equipped with easy one-hand release clip at the bra strap for easy access for the baby. 

Different Types of Nursing Bras

1.    Underwired Nursing Bras
2.    Non-Underwired Nursing Bras
a.    Lightly Padded Cotton Nursing Bras
b.    Moulded Nursing Bras
c.    Sleep Nursing Bras

Underwired Nursing Bras

Underwired bras are very similar to normal bras that we wear pre-pregnancy. Except that they have a release clip at the bra strap for easy nursing.  Underwired nursing bras give a full support for your breasts so, they won’t cause them to sag. However, underwired nursing bras can be uncomfortable during late-stage pregnancy and during the first few months of post-pregnancy. During late stage of pregnancy, the mother’s breasts will grow to their largest size. The stiffness of the bra’s wire will cause discomfort to the mother. Many mothers describe the discomfort of wearing an underwired bra as “poking feeling”. The first few months of post-pregnancy is the period when the breast milk cannot flow smoothly. In the first few months, usually the mother’s breasts will get engorged. During this period, wearing an underwired bra is not recommended. It is uncomfortable and dangerous as it can cause further engorgement, which can lead to breast infection.

Non-Underwired Nursing Bras

The non-underwired nursing bra is without a doubt, the most popular choice for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is the most comfortable bra to wear. It has so many pretty designs available in the market right now as nursing bras are gaining popularity. The best part is that nursing bras now are available at a more affordable price. A good quality non-underwired bra gives good breast support and it won’t cause saggy breasts.

Cotton Bras

Cotton bras are lightly padded and the material is made from cotton, even though there are some versions that use microfibre material. It is suitable for home wear as it is very comfortable and cooling. The lightly-padded nursing bras are very versatile as it allows minor breast size changes. It is highly recommended for mothers who are on their maternity leave. It is better to choose a good quality cotton bra as it has good support

Moulded Nursing Bras

Moulded Bras are nursing bras that have non-crush moulded foam cups. They are very popular among working mothers as it gives a seamless appearance under tight clothes. They provide very good support too. It is advisable to try on a moulded bra before buying as you need to choose the right size to wear. Moulded Nursing bras have a thicker padding, so the nipples will not show through the shirt as some of the thinner cotton bras will. As the moulded bras have thicker padding, it can be a little difficult to open the cup to feed.

Nursing Sleep Bras

Nursing sleep bras are becoming more and more popular among mothers who breastfeed. These are very comfortable, especially during night feeding. They are made of super soft cotton material and spandex blend for breathability and stretchability. They do not have release clips like the other nursing bras, you just need to pull aside the cups. Mothers who feed their babies in a lying down position will love nursing sleep bras. A nursing sleep bra is very thin as it is designed for sleepwear, therefore it has only light support

Types of Cup Opening

There are two types of cup opening that are available in the market right now. They are circular-opening (or window-opening) and a full-drop opening. There are no significant benefits for choosing one over the other. Each is designed to suit each mothers’ personal preference. The full-drop opening means that when you unhook the bra cup clip, it will expose a large area of your breast. The circular opening means that only the area around your nipple will be exposed

When to buy nursing bras?

The standard answer would be during your third trimester. But for some mothers, they can’t wear their normal bras by the time they hit the second trimester. So, you can buy nursing bras as soon as you outgrow your normal bras. Usually, the breasts will keep getting bigger until the third trimester. They will enlarge a little more by the third day after you deliver your baby. That is when your breast milk comes in and engorge your breasts. Generally, cup size will increase by 1 – 3 cup sizes. So it can be difficult to guess which bra size to buy as you do not know how big your breast will grow.  If you are an A or B cup, usually it will grow by 1 cup size. If you are C cup and above, it might grow more than 1 cup size. 

The general rule is, if by the second trimester your breasts are already bigger, you can get a bra cup that is slightly bigger than your current size. Do not buy a bra where the cups are very fitting; it should still have some little space between the bra and the breasts.

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