Why should parents become financial advisers?

Parenthood is one of the most enriching and inspiring roles you can take in life. However, it can be as overwhelming as it is rewarding. Parents are often expected to put their own aspirations and joys second to their child’s needs. It is understandable why so many parents comply with this mindset as raising a child is truly an all-consuming experience.

If you are a parent who can relate to what we are saying, you may also feel like you no longer have the same career opportunities you once did in life. But look on the bright side! There are, in fact, companies that institute policies and practices that cultivate a culture of work-life balance, flexible working hours and a reduction in daily stress for their employees.

One of the job scopes that easily fits this description is the role of a financial adviser. Let’s discuss 5 major benefits of being a financial adviser for parents.

  • It is a role that will come naturally to parents

As a parent, your job is to provide guidance in various areas of your child’s life. From the usage of cutlery to setting up a trust fund, you are the person that provides them meaningful insight throughout every stage in their life. As a financial adviser, you will be expected to offer purposeful advice to your clients too.

You are required to educate clients on which investment plan or insurance product will best match their short- and long-term financial goals. Being able to offer constructive and genuine care will come naturally for parental figures.

  • Build a better future for your kids

One of the main reasons people choose to step into the financial services industry is the unlimited income potential that comes with the job. Financial advisers earn a living through a fee-based service, commission-based service or a combination of both fees. Their earnings are reflected by the number of new prospects or returning prospects they have on an annual basis. In other words, the harder you work, the more you earn. This allows parents to put in the extra money into their child’s savings for university, healthcare or emergency funds.

  • Spend more time with your kids

One of the major perks of being a financial adviser is the flexibility in working hours. You are free to work around your own personal calendar; this will enable you to be present in your child’s life while you grow a career. Most financial advisers are able to make a living with working less than 40 hours a week!

  • Spend more time with your spouse

If being a parent has automatically made quality time with your spouse a struggle. You do not have to worry about having a career that will add to that struggle if you become a financial adviser. In fact, the amazing work-life balance that comes with the job can be used to improve your relationship with your partner.

  • Expand your network

Networking is a vital part of the job, you will be required to build relationships with people from various industries and specialised fields. An expansive network can be an excellent source of new perspective and ideas to elevate your role as a financial adviser and parent.

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