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  • 5 Fun games to play with your baby

    Although baby games can be tedious, they are anything but dreary for newborn babies. These five games can help develop a baby’s basic skills, and they are meant to be played under the guidance of parents. For first-time or experienced parents, these games could also be played together and it makes a mutual learning experience for both!

  • 5 Places in Singapore to donate your baby’s old clothes

    Every parent would eventually face the dilemma of figuring out what they should do with their baby’s old clothes. They might be hesitant to throw perfectly good clothes away, and that’s understandable. So, why not donate them to charity and help others in need? We will list down 5 organisations in Singapore where you can safely donate your child’s preloved clothes. Open to read more:

  • Pregnant during Covid-19

    Pregnant during Covid-19

    It has been exactly a week since the circuit breaker was in effect. School children are learning from home while parents have been busier than ever due to the numerous roles they are assuming. One major takeaway from this experience is that many things are out of our control. If you are pregnant during this […]

  • Diapers, Tips to choosing the right one

    Diapers, Tips to choosing the right one

    Have you stood in the diapers aisle in the supermarket and wonder which type of diaper should you get for your baby? A doubt every parent will face at some point. All sorts of questions will pop into your head. Which brand should I get? What size? Will it leak? Is the expensive one better […]

  • Is Your Little One a Fussy Eater?

    Did you know? There is a difference between being a picky eater and a fussy eater. A picky eater is very selective about what they eat. They would be reluctant to try new foods. Furthermore, if they do not like it, they might end up rejecting certain food groups in the future. The term for […]

  • 5 Tips for Successful Timeouts

    Timeouts are a form of behavioural modification that involves separating children from the environment in which they misbehave. The goal of timeouts is to remove the child from the enjoyable environment as a form of discipline for their unacceptable behaviour. This form of discipline is especially common in western cultures, and Asian parents have begun […]

  • Raising Healthy Children in a Digital Age – Part 1

    Like it or not, we live in an age where technology is everywhere. Feeling confident that we will keep our children healthy in a digital age is not enough, considering they spend a substantial amount of time with technology.  While you think about how mobile devices impact your child’s social, emotional, physical and psychological well […]

  • The No-Cry Nap Solution

    Some babies are cat-nappers who wake up in shock and are too afraid to put themselves back to sleep. This can be a problem when they need rest and when you need time for yourself. Fret not, though! Here are four tips for a no-cry nap that will make everyone happier. Determine napping patterns Start […]

  • 3 Steps to Take When Sleep-Training Your Baby

    Most babies aren’t accustomed to falling asleep without being held in our arms or sleeping alone the whole night. Your baby may require just a little help from you to achieve that milestone on their own.  Start sleep-training your baby as early on as you are comfortable with it so that they can go to […]

  • Facts about Music to an Unborn Baby

    An unborn baby’s sense of sound is one of the first sensory systems to be developed. This happens at about 17 weeks gestation. As your pregnancy advances, your unborn baby becomes aware of rhythms in music and even begins to respond differently to different types of music. Even though the real effect of music on […]

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