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  • COVID-19 Update: It is time to upgrade your mask

    During this global pandemic, a mask has become a part of everyone’s daily wear. However, not everyone is wearing a quality mask. It is essential to wear a mask that comes with proper fit and filtration to combat multiple viruses that are fast-growing and evolving around us.

  • The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    The other Illness that can be mistaken as Covid-19

    While the current health crisis and the upcoming recession seem to be of utmost concern, there is another flu-like illness we should be aware of. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported. This figure is about twice as many within the same period a year ago and it is alarming.  Despite […]

  • Dengue Fever, All that you need to know!

    Did You Know! There are three main types of Mosquito breeds found in Singapore. They are the Aedes Mosquito, Anopheles Mosquito and the Culex Mosquito. Mosquitoes are known to spread vector-borne diseases. However, not all mosquitoes spread dengue. The only culprit is the Aedes Mosquito. Apart from dengue, this bugger is also responsible for the […]