10 Things Nobody tells about Pregnancy Part 1

Pregnancy has Ups and Downs

Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful thing in life. It is the creation of a new being from a single cell. There are ups and downs in pregnancy. But most of the times we are not told of the downs. The reason is not to scare any women who want to become mothers or already expecting mothers. Also, some of them can be private. Therefore, no one wants to talk about it. However, if nothing is mentioned about the downs of pregnancy, how will women manage when they experience something out of the norm? It would cause a state of panic for them. The more you know, the easier it would be.

After having a frank chat with some mothers about the downs they wanted to share, here are

10 things that can happen to you during pregnancy that nobody wants to mention (Part 1):

1) Sore Boobies

Your breast would be the first part of your body that would react to the signs of a positive pregnancy. Your body produces more hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Therefore, the breasts tend to swell up due to the surge of the hormones. The breasts can become very tender and sore. Apart from that, they can become larger. This is because the fat layer in your breasts tends to thicken. You grow more milk glands and blood flow increases to them. Sometimes some women may experience leakage of the colostrum. These changes are preparing your breasts for breastfeeding. It is advisable to purchase some good pairs of maternity bra with good support and wearing pads to absorb embarrassing leakages.

2) Cheeseburger Crotch

During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases up to 50 percent more in the body. There are additional fluid and weight gain as the baby grows bigger and heavier. As a result, every part of your body would swell. Once such place is your vagina. It can get swell in such a way that it resembles a Cheeseburger. Hence, the name ‘Cheeseburger crotch’. The swelling does not always have to be even. Sometimes, one side can be fine while the other side can be puffed up. There can be itching, redness, and pain. It is advisable to seek doctors advise if it gets unbearable. Other times, an ice pack can be used to help soothe the swelling.

3) Heartburn

Progesterone is the hormone that relaxes the muscles in pregnancy. It also relaxes the stomach valve that keeps the acid out of the esophagus. The growing uterus crowds the stomach and forces the acid into the esophagus. Hence, you would experience heartburn. It normally occurs during the third trimester. It can be very annoying. For very severe heartburn, seek doctors advise. You can try natural ways to soothe heartburn like drinking a glass of milk or eating yogurt. Try to stay away from spicy food. Eat smaller portions during mealtime.

4) The Peeing Frenzy

During the pregnancy period, your urinary system goes through a lot of changes. You might have to visit the loo frequently from the start of your first trimester. It is the first sign of pregnancy for most women. As the baby grows bigger, you bladder would get pressed upon. The irritating part is the frequent night visits to the toilet. After peeing and returning to your bed, five minutes later, you will have the urge to pee again. At the doctor’s, it would be a routine for you to pee in the cup for a urine test to check for diabetes or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) every visit. Sometimes, when you cough, sneeze or laugh too much you might pee a little in your pants. So be prepared at all times.

5) Tiger Strips (Pregnancy Tattoo)

As your tummy grows bigger during pregnancy, you can develop stretch marks. They can also appear on your hips and breasts. They are actually tiny tears supporting layers of tissue as your skin is pulled to the limit. Whether you get them or not, nobody can tell. Some may have it while others might not. So, it really depends. It is important that you take care of skin. Sometimes, these stretch marks can get itchy. Try not to scratch them. Keep your tummy moisturised to prevent itchiness. Stretch mark colours varies depending on your skin colour. For some, the stretch marks can turn black. However, they will fade after the baby is born. Don’t fret about them. Afterall, it is our natural tattoo.

Ok folks. We did 5 already and that concludes part 1. If you liked the brutally honest truths in this piece – look out for part 2.





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