5 Fun date ideas to keep the spark alive at home

When you welcome a newborn baby into your life, there is an irreversible shift in your life. The space you call home must be baby-friendly, your daily schedule consists of caring for your baby and the dynamics of your romantic life might be dulled by late-night feedings and constant diaper changing. Not to mention, your body is still in the recovery phase from giving birth, scattered thoughts and feelings are common struggles you will face as you find your footing in parenthood. Having a newborn in your life is both rewardful and challenging.

As parents of a newborn child, staying connected and supportive of one another is an integral part of a healthy relationship that will also play a big role in your baby’s life. You must remember that there is strength in unity and you both are a team in this new journey.

If the thought of organising a date is beginning to stress you out because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, do not worry, you do not have to go above and beyond to spend quality time together! In fact, you do not even have to step out of the house to have a meaningful and enjoyable date with your partner. Below are some suggestions on how you can keep the sparks alive within the four walls of your home!

A virtual double date with your friends

If you have been neglecting spending time with your friends too, this is a great idea to kill two birds with one stone! Call up your friends and arrange a dinner together via Zoom or play some virtual group games together such as the Escape Game, House Party, Monopoly and so much more! This is a bonus if your friends have a newborn baby too, it can be therapeutic for you and your partner to interact with another couple who can relate to your current state of life.

You could exchange helpful ideas and suggestions with one another in regards to parenting and form a support group for one another. As the saying goes, “No man is an island”, human beings struggle in isolation, we need to be a part of a community to thrive.

Game night

It is already established that you and your partner are a team but a little friendly competition over game night can be a great bonding experience that is filled with laughter. Whip out the cards and the board games once your baby is asleep and start having some light-hearted fun with each other!

Here are some other suggestions for game nights—charades, twister, chess, quiz each other on any topic, origami challenge or you can draw inspiration from any of the suggestions and come up with your own game! Get creative and dedicate a night to just being silly together!

Give each other a massage

Invest in some scented candles, rose petals and fragrant massage oil—this is a much-needed experience to rekindle the flames in your relationship. Show your partner that you care by releasing the tight knots in their shoulders and back with a thoughtful massage. If you are doubtful of your abilities to give a good massage, there are plenty of tutorials and guides available on the internet or you can just simply let your partner guide you during the process. Performing reflexology within the comfort of your home could be the perfect avenue to intimacy and connection. Once you are both done, you can get cosy and take comfort in one another’s embrace.

Work on a creative project together

Put a splash of creativity into an art project together! For example, you can clear up a corner of your house and make it into your very own studio; get some affordable canvases and art supplies, put on some jazz in the background, grab your favourite snacks and start creating!

The act of making something together enforces a sense of teamwork and derails any tension that may have lingered in your relationship since the arrival of your baby. If your baby is in need of your attention during the project, take turns with your partner to tend to your baby’s needs! Once either of you has fulfilled your parental duties, pick up the brush and get back to where you left off! Take comfort that you are both in this together.

Have the house to yourselves for a night

Remember that relative who offered to be of assistance if you ever needed a babysitter? It is time to take people up on their offer! Call up a trusted loved one or a close relative to watch over your baby in their home. That is right, instead of going out for a date night and leaving your baby at home under the supervision of a babysitter, drop your baby off in the loving home of someone you trust. Have the house to yourself for a change, and a change of environment would be good for your baby too.

Take advantage of having a baby-free space for the next few hours and enjoy yourselves. From turning the music up louder than usual to simply just basking in the presence of your partner with no distractions from your baby, take this time to be fully engaged with your partner.

When a baby enters your life, it will be difficult to allocate quality time with your partner, but be assured that it will be worth it! Take time to appreciate one another and remember why you chose to start a life together. This will be the most fruitful chapter in your relationship!

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