Breastfeeding Products (Part 2) – What to Buy and What not to Buy

In the previous article, we discussed about the functionality of these products and whether they are necessary to buy:
  1. nursing bras
  2. nursing wear
  3. nursing cover
  4. breast pump
  5. breastfeeding pillow
  6. breast pads
On top of these items, let’s look at more breastfeeding products and whether you should include them in your budget.

1. Breast Milk Storage Solution

The Plastic Storage Bottle is very affordable, can be reused and sterilised. They are made of BPA free material.
The Glass Storage Bottle is definitely the safest to store our precious liquid gold for our precious little baby. However, the downside is that it is the most expensive among the other types of breastmilk storage solution, and it is pretty heavy. It might be inconvenient to bring it out in your cooler bag as it is heavy.
The Disposable Storage Bag might be the most practical solution for mothers who need to pump and store their breast milk. Storage bags are thin, so you can neatly stack them in your freezer. This is the go-to solution, maybe more like, the only solution for mothers who have excess breast milk. As they need to maximize their freezer space, they can only use disposable storage bag for that purpose.
Verdict : Good to have

2. Breast Milk Storage Rack

If you are one of the blessed mothers who have plenty of milk, you probably have a lot of breast milk storage bags in your freezer. Breast milk storage rack can help you to organize all those storage bag neatly in your freezer, to maximize the space.
Verdict : Buy when needed 

3. Milk Warmer

If you pump and store your breastmilk in the fridge, that means you will need to take it out and heat it up when it is feeding time. You can either simply immerse the storage bottle or storage milk bag into hot water, or get a milk warmer. Milk warmer comes with temperature setting. So it will switch off when it reaches the set temperature. This way, you can be.
Verdict : Good to have


4. Breast Therapy Relief Pack

This therapy pack will come in handy during the initial part of breastfeeding. You can use it warm to stimulate the milk flow before feeding or pumping. You can also use it cold to soothe sore or engorged breasts.
Verdict : Good to have

5. Breast Shell / Nipple Shield

Breast Shell is to protect sore or cracked nipples from friction against your bra, giving your breast time to heal.
Nipple Shield serves two purposes. It protect the sore cracked nipples while breastfeeding your baby. However, nipple shield main purpose is actually to help babies who have difficulty latching on to the mother’s breast. Many breastfeeding experts suggest the temporary use of a nipple shield for difficult or persistent latch-on problems. Nipple Shield is directly attached to the nipple. It actually acts like a milk bottle silicon teat. Nipple shield may make feeding easier for smaller or premature babies. The shield will hold the nipple in an extended position, so the baby can pause without ‘losing’ the nipple. Nipple shield is recommended for mothers who has flat or inverted nipples.
Verdict : Buy when needed 

 6. Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is a must for first time nursing mothers. The sucking action by our newborn baby will cause sore or even bleeding nipples. Nipple cream is formulated with food grade ingredients which is totally safe for newborn to consume a small amount of it. The nipple cream will promote healing and at the same time, create a thin layer to protect your nipple against abrasion with your bra. The popular brands will be Medelaand Lansinoh. However, other brands are not in any way inferior from those two.
Verdict: Must Buy


7. Nursing Bracelet

How many times have you forgotten which side of the breast that you last feed your baby with? If you are one of those who have trouble remembering, get a Nursing Bracelet. Nursing bracelets are usually made with 100% silicone. It is comfortable to wear, you hardly notice that you are wearing it.
Verdict : Good to have

8. Inverted Nipple Corrector

Mothers with flat or inverted nipples can rejoice! There are a few brands that manufacture products to help mothers with inverted nipples. All mothers can breastfeed!
Verdict : Buy when needed 





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