Co-working Spaces for Enterprising Parents

Very often, being a working parent of young children is like having two full-time jobs. Instead of a regular job that may not allow the flexible hours, some choose to be self-employed for the freedom to work entirely on their own terms.

In such cases, joining a co-working space is a brilliant way to set yourself up, grow your network and discover unique business opportunities. We look at a number of potential options for enterprising parents and what makes them family-friendly alternatives.

Where both adults AND kids can have their own space

You can’t go wrong opting for a space conceived and run by a group of working mothers. Especially when its mission statement reads: To empower every parent to obtain self-fulfillment and financial independence while making family a priority.

Located right in the heart of Orchard Road at Claymore Connect, Trehaus is the first co-working space of its kind in Singapore. On top of child-minding and learning facilities, it offers a nursery programme that includes neuroeducation activities. They are aimed at fostering creativity through sensorial experiences. Parents are provided, not just with a quality environment, but also a supportive entrepreneurial community as they work.

Where crafty parents have ample space to be inspired and be creative

The Refinery is a co-working space with character. An unsurprising fact given that it is designed with craftsmen in mind, where there is dedicated space for craftwork and larger tables for drafting and planning.

For those who are in the business of making things, it may be difficult to do so at home especially when you need to make space for the children and their things. If you work with heavy or sharp tools, it is also much safer when these are not lying around in the house. With its “pro-creative” facilities and supportive community of designers, The Refinery is an attractive option.

Where you can catch up with friends you haven’t seen since the first diaper change

One of the common challenges that many parents face is the struggle to manage both family commitments and social relationships. It is not unusual for some to fall off the friendship radar after they have children. They simply have no time or energy to keep up with after-work dinners in town.

The good news is, there is a growing number of co-working spaces that have set up shop in central locations. With two premises located in the CBD area, Collective Works is one good example. This makes it not only a convenient spot for business meetings but also a great location from which to catch up with friends who work in the area. Instead of late dinners, you can meet for lunch or a quick happy hour tipple before heading home.

Where quality of life applies not just at home but at work too

Dealing with the needs of their children and managing the household while maintaining a job and work-life balance is no mean feat. With the number of hours potentially spent at work, parents could benefit greatly from an environment that is calm, restorative and enables them to be at their best.  

The Working Capitol’s premises are designed to ensure that quality of life is applied to work as well. Beautiful, spacious and soothing, it provides an optimal environment where you can relax and focus at the same time. A line-up of industry talks and workshops encourage learning and connect members with the larger community.

With offices like that, you might just find yourself looking forward to work!  





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