Real Cost-saving Tips for New Parents

Every penny saved is every penny earned. A bit goes a long way in our parenting journey. Whether it is saving up for a rainy day, or growing our child’s education fund, we have everything to gain from effective cost-saving tips when cost of living is ever increasing.

Visit Polyclinics for vaccinations

Vaccinations that are compulsory in Singapore are free for babies who are Singapore citizens. Meanwhile, permanent residents pay a heavily-subsidised amount. This means that receiving vaccinations at a polyclinic translates to hundreds to even more than a thousand dollar worth of cost saving in just the first 18 months, as compared to visiting a general practitioner or pediatrician to receive these vaccinations. What’s more, parents can use Medisave to pay for vaccinations that are not mandatory, such as mumps or chicken pox.

However, you will need to schedule ahead if you plan to bring your baby to a polyclinic to receive his or her vaccinations. Sometimes appointments are fully booked for up to a month. So book your appointments as early as possible.

Purchase diapers at baby fairs

Pay discounted prices when you purchase packs of diapers in bulk at baby fairs. Sometimes, you can even enjoy an extra pack thrown in. Cost-savings can be up to 30% of retail prices so it’s worth it even if it means lugging your bulky stocks home. If you are not sure if your baby will outgrow a particular size soon, buy a mix of diaper packs that is one to two size bigger. While at it, also stock up on wet wipes.

Order online

Without the need to lease a brick and mortar store or rent an expo space, online shopping portals often offer competitive prices for the same products purchased in supermarkets or even baby fairs. Enjoy cheaper prices and even free delivery if your bill exceeds a certain amount. You can even save on travelling expenses when you order online!


Breastfeeding has many known health benefits for both mother and baby. One health benefit is higher immunity among breastfed babies. Ideally, this would mean fewer visits to the doctor and cost savings in terms of medical expense incurred. But that’s not all. Breastfeeding helps new parents save on money that would otherwise be spent on buying formula milk. For most families, this would easily mean a cost saving of about $200 a month. That would work out to about $1,200 cost saving if a mother breastfeeds a baby for a year.

Use natural products at home

The urge to use natural products when you have a baby goes hand in hand with greater cost-savings at home. Instead of purchasing chemical-laden detergent off the shelf, opt for natural products as cleaning agents at home. For example, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda makes for a cheap, non-toxic and effective solution in cleaning out stubborn stains at home.

Apart from saving on household expenses, take financial planning one step further by speaking with a professional consultant now.






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