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  • 5 Tips for Successful Timeouts

    Timeouts are a form of behavioural modification that involves separating children from the environment in which they misbehave. The goal of timeouts is to remove the child from the enjoyable environment as a form of discipline for their unacceptable behaviour. This form of discipline is especially common in western cultures, and Asian parents have begun […]

  • The Importance of a Father’s Role in Parenting.

    A few months back we became really curious about fatherhood. We’re pretty sure that many fathers and fathers to be would also like to find out – what makes a good dad. We interviewed various folks from all walks of life and what we found out was amazing. Not only a Breadwinner Any man can […]

  • The Art of Raising Creative Children

    Everyone has a different idea of creativity. Some associate it solely with the arts, accessible only by those with innate talent. Others consider creativity to be a much broader concept – an approach to learning, a mental framework, a mindset. A mother of two boys (aged 8 and 10), Bernissa Chia had been a teacher […]

  • Must-ask Questions When Deciding on A Parenting Style?

    You and your spouse were brought up in different households. This would naturally mean that both of you grew up with different beliefs and upbringing. As such, coming together to agree on a specific parenting style can prove to be an uphill task. However, this is a subject that you must broach sooner rather than […]