Trusted Websites For Getting Books Online

Online shopping is the current trend, and that includes shopping for reading materials. Parents, it’s definitely a perk for those of you who are really busy. Also, a good choice when you just don’t feel like going out to shop. This probably applied to everything and not just books/

Be it a parenting guide, healthy cookbooks (btw check out this post for healthy recipes for kids) for the kids or study materials and workbooks for your school children, your fingertips hold the connection to every material from local to international. However, to make the most of your spending, here are the top 5 websites where you can count on for reading materials!



Named as “Singapore’s largest range of reading material online”, Fishpond is the site to be! They have over 25 million products, free shipping Singapore-wide. Best prices guaranteed, plus deliver every reading material you want directly to your door.  For the bargain hunters, there are daily deals on this site which you can save your spending. Also, you could consider registering for a free account with them so you have the personalised recommendations for books. Click here to check their site out!

Book Depository

Book Depository is a UK-based online bookseller and boasts a customer base of more than one million people. The site currently offers a massive collection of more than 9 million titles, as well as free shipping to more than 160 countries. Any orders you make on their site will be dispatched in 2 days and will arrive approximately 3 weeks. The plus side to this is that you may be able to get a newly printed copy of an out-of-print book. Start today by visiting their site here!


Wordery may be an online-only shop, but they offer a discount off the recommended retail price (RRP) on most of the titles it sells, and free shipping on every order. Currently, they have a customer base of seven million and growing, with a selection of more than 10 million titles! It has an organised and straightforward website that’s neatly divided into categories. Get on their referral program that lets you save 5%, and sign up for their newsletters for special sales and promotions! But if you want further details, click here.

Times Bookstore

For the longest time, Times Bookstores has been one of Singapore’s favourite go-to bookstores other than Popular. Specialising in providing various genres and titles, there will be a book for everyone for the old, the young, and in between. Sign up for a free membership with Times for free delivery, or you can purchase online and pick it up in-store! Better yet, there are gift cards available if you’re thinking of a gift for someone. For further details about their services, click here for more information.


Amazon is not just one of the US’s Big Four tech companies, but also provides one of the largest collection of the best-sellers and classics where you’re able to choose the perfect book for you. They have hardcover, audio and CD formats available if you don’t prefer the usual softcover copies, and free standard delivery of over S$40. Better yet, do consider signing up for Amazon Prime for exclusive discounts and perks! For more information about this, go over to their site now!





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