Early planning proved invaluable when Heart Murmur was discovered

Planning in Advance made things go smooth

I met this couple, Mr & Mrs N 3 years ago when they were expecting their first child. They work in banks and they are well-informed on insurance products and offers via social media. With no further hesitation, they took up the relevant insurance for their first girl. Her delivery was smooth and her baby girl, R, was delivered full term and a healthy weight.

2 years later, they were expecting their 2nd child, and it’s a boy! They took up the same policy as their first girl. Baby Boy C was delivered smoothly and healthy. As protection savvy parents, they immediately activated the guaranteed transfer of the life insurance policy and took up Integrated Shield plan (IP) 15 days after the baby was born.

An unexpected event surfaced when Baby C went for his vaccination jab and regular check. His PD found out that his heart has hissing sound. Further tests were done and found out that he has heart murmur. Both parents hearts sank. Having said that, they were relieved that they did planning early for him.

Be glad you planned early, Talk to an expert today.

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