Preemie mom saved from hefty hospital bill

Pre-Mature birth

Madam O was expecting her 3rd child when we met. She has 2 lovely girls aged 4 and 2 then. And she was expecting a boy. She has not heard of prenatal protection policies. After my presentation, she understood how and the importance of early protection for her baby in her womb. Many of us may think that it may not be necessary for prenatal protection plan because she had smooth deliveries experience for her 2 girls. However, Madam O thought differently. She wanted to have a smooth and safe delivery, and at the same time, a peace of mind. She took up AXA Mum’s Advantage Plus.

Sudden Contractions at 28th week

All went well during her first and 2nd trimester. One day when she was on her way to work, she felt contractions and her water bag burst. It was only the 28th week of her pregnancy! She rushed to KKH Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Her baby was delivered at only 1.4kg and he was admitted to Neonatal ICU. He was discharged after 30 days and he grew to a healthy weight of 2kg.

Bills covered by AXA

I did a claim for her and a big part of the NICU bills were covered by AXA. She activated the guaranteed transfer of the Life insurance from the expecting mother to her baby boy, without any medical underwriting.

As of today, she cannot explain the cause of her premature delivery, neither can her gynae. And she cannot imagine the thought of paying the hefty hospital bills on the NICU and the possibility of rejection on the application of a life insurance for her baby boy.

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